Phoenix Beverages Limited is a public company that was incorporated on September 9, 1960 and is qualified as a public interest entity as defined under the Financial Reporting Act 2004.

Phoenix Beverages Limited is committed to maintaining the high standards of corporate governance, both at Board level and throughout the Group. The Directors see this as fundamental to the effective and responsible management of the business and for the delivery of shareholder value over the long-term. Time is allocated at Board and Committee meetings to consider governance issues. In line with the principles of

Good Governance and with a view to better defining its responsibilities and governance role, a Board Charter will be drafted. The Board also wishes to demonstrate ethical leadership and accordingly the Company has set out its Code of Business Ethics, which is communicated to all its team members and business partners.

Phoenix Beverages Limited has adopted most of the guidelines set out in the Code of Corporate Governance for Mauritius 2003 (‘the Code’) and has initiated the process of implementing the provisions of the new Code of Corporate Governance for Mauritius (2016) which is based on an “apply and explain basis”. Compliance by the Company with each principle and provision of the Code is set out in this report. A gap analysis will be performed during the financial year ahead and procedures amended or implemented to cater for the eight principles set out in the new Code.


Phoenix Beverages Limited is listed on the Official Market of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius Ltd and, at the date of this Integrated Report, the Company has 16,447,000 ordinary shares of Rs 10.- each in issue and 1,873 shareholders on its registry.

The cascade holding structure is as follows:


The Company Secretary, IBL Management Ltd, is the Secretary of the Board and of the Governance Board Committees’ meetings including the Audit and Risk Committee and the Corporate Governance Committee. The Company Secretary reports to the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer on governance matters, keeps the efficacy of the Company’s and the Board’s governance processes under review and also promotes improvements. The Company Secretary is responsible to the Board for compliance with Board procedures. All Directors have direct access to the advice and support of the Company Secretary on such matters. The Company Secretary is also responsible for advising and keeping the Board and Board Committees up to date on legislative, regulatory and governance matters. In addition, the Company Secretary facilitates the induction and professional development of Directors.

In addition, the Company Secretary is the primary channel of communication between the Company and the Stock Exchange of Mauritius Ltd.

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