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Alternate Director
first appointed as Alternate Director in 1999

Jean Pierre Dalais, has been the Alternate Director of François Dalais since October 1999. After obtaining his MBA from the International University of America, San Francisco, in 1988, he began his career with Arthur Andersen in Mauritius and France before joining CIEL in 1990. Mr. Dalais is an Executive Director of CIEL Limited, an important industrial and investment company with interests in a number of companies operating in different sectors of the Mauritian economy. He also sits on the Board of a number of well-known Mauritian companies involved in tourism, financial services, textile and healthcare.

Directorships in other listed companies on the Official Market of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius:

  • Alteo Limited
  • CIEL Limited
  • IPRO Growth Fund Ltd
  • Sun Resorts Limited

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