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Meeting procedures

Q: Who can attend the Annual Meeting?

A: In compliance with Section 120(3) of the Companies Act 2001, the Board has resolved that anyone who is registered in the share register of Phoenix Beverages Limited as at 14 November 2019 is entitled to attend the Meeting.

Q: Who can vote at the Annual Meeting?

A: If you are registered in the share register of Phoenix Beverages Limited as at 14 November 2019 you have the right to vote at the Meeting.

Q: How many votes does a shareholder have?

A: Every shareholder, present in person or by proxy, shall have one vote on a show of hands. Where a poll is taken, each shareholder shall have the number of votes that corresponds to the number of shares held by him/her in the Company.

Q: How many shareholders do you need to reach a quorum?

A: A quorum is reached where five (5) shareholders holding at least fifty percent (50%) of the share capital of the Company are present or represented. At the date of this report, Phoenix Beverages Limited has 16 447 000 ordinary shares in issue.

Q: How are the votes counted?

A: On a show of hands, the Chairman shall count the votes. However, if a poll is demanded, the counting will be done by the auditors of the Company who will be acting as scrutineers.

Q: How can I obtain a copy of the minutes of proceedings of the last Annual Meeting of the Company?

A: You can make such a request to the Company Secretary, IBL Management Ltd, 4th Floor, IBL House, Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis.

Voting procedures

Q: What is the voting procedure?

A: Voting at the Annual Meeting is generally by show of hands. However, if a poll is demanded for a particular resolution, then ballot papers shall be distributed and shareholders will be requested to cast their votes thereon.

Q: How do I appoint someone else to go to the Annual Meeting and vote my share(s) for me?

A: The Chairman of the meeting has been named in the proxy to represent shareholders at the meeting. You can appoint someone else to represent you at the meeting. Please complete a proxy form by inserting the person’s name in the appropriate space on the proxy form. The person you appoint does not need to be a shareholder but must attend the meeting to vote your share(s).

Q: Is there a deadline for my proxy to be received?

A: Yes. Your proxy must be received by the Company’s Share Registry and Transfer Office, Ocorian Corporate Administrators Limited (formerly known as Abax Corporate Administrators Ltd) Ltd, 6th Floor, Tower A, 1 CyberCity, Ebene, no later than 14.30 hours on Thursday 12 December 2019.

Q: How will my share(s) be voted if I return a proxy?

A: By completing and returning a proxy, you are authorising the person named in the proxy to attend the Annual Meeting and vote your share(s) on each item of business according to your instructions. If you have appointed the Chairman of the meeting as your proxy and you do not provide him with instructions, he will exercise his discretion as to how he votes.

Q: What if I change my mind?

A: If you are a registered shareholder and have voted by proxy, you may revoke your proxy by delivering to the Company’s Share Registry and Transfer Office, a duly executed proxy with a later date or by delivering a form of revocation of proxy. This new proxy must be received by the Company’s Share Registry and Transfer Office, Ocorian Corporate Administrators Limited, 6th Floor, Tower A, 1 CyberCity, Ebene, no later than 14.30 hours on Thursday 12 December 2019.
Or, you may revoke your proxy and vote in person at the meeting, or any adjournment thereof, by delivering a form of revocation of proxy to the Company Secretary at the meeting before the vote in respect of which the proxy is to be used is taken.
In any case, you are advised to attach an explanatory note to such amended proxy form to explain the purpose of the amended document and expressly revoke the proxy form previously signed by you. 

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